Mural by Out Now

In the Fall of 2020 as a global pandemic raged the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice responded. We realized early on that his pandemic would only worsen already existing racial and economic injustices. People in our community needed help. We responded by establishing the MNF COVID-19 Emergency Grants.

Our grant limit was $2,000 and our application deadline was December 1, 2020. Importantly for these grants we lifted our budget limit of $175k per organization and offered relief grants. As always we made the application process as easy as possible. We asked that applying organizations describe briefly in 200 words or less their need for funding for a project arising from the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on their community, consisting of:

  • Financial relief or mutual aid for members or families in your community suffering from job or housing loss, childcare or school closing, medical expenses stemming from the virus or social measures to prevent its spread.
  • Fightback campaign against cuts in benefits or social safety net or in the right to organize pitched as a response to the virus.
  • Technical support to maintain communication and continue organizing in these times of social distancing
The MNF board discussed and voted on the applications as soon as they were provided. We granted 20 COVID-19 Emergency Grants.
This work was made possible through your donations. We’re grateful for every single contribution. Thank you.