“With more than 300 residential, commercial, and municipal customers in Franklin County, Compost Co-op diverts approximately 180 tons of compostable materials from the waste stream each year into local composting operations. We contribute to climate-resilient economic democracy as we build jobs and ownership for people who face barriers to employment and housing. In cooperation with another worker-owned co-operative business, Oxbow Design Build Co-operative, this year we completed a project to provide three units of afordable housing for formerly incarcerated workers.

To participate fully in the business and its management, co-op members require – in addition to shelter, food, and clothing – transportation and special equipment, such as boots that can survive food scraps. The 2023 grant from. The Markham Nathan Fund for Social Justice supports inclusiveness and equity in the co-op by subsidizing the cost of equipment, transportation, and driver’s license reinstatement for new members.” Revan Schendler, The Compost Co-operative