Congratulations to Pat Hynes and her new book Hope, but Demand Justice.
Pat is a longtime activist and director of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice (MNF grantee)
“As this past Earth Day was observed, it is poignant to read of the myriad assaults on the natural world that sustains us. Hynes traces how polluted rivers, hazardous waste sites, pesticides, agricultural practices all contribute to species extinction, climate change and radical social injustice. In a few paragraphs, Hynes connects the dots between the path of toxic runoff by General Electric into the Housatonic River in the 1980s, to the awareness and birth of environmental justice in Warren County, North Carolina. Again and again, Hynes describes and decries how our mentality of `might is right’ makes the Pentagon the leading polluter of climate change emissions in the world. Speaking of the United States, Hynes states, `Militarism is the most oil intensive activity on the planet.’” (Susan Lantz, The Recorder)