Marty Nathan

We’re delighted that Dr. Marty Nathan, one of the founders of the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice, is the 2021 recipient of the Daily Hampshire Gazette and United Way of Hampshire County Frances Crowe Award. The award honors Marty’s Nathan’s “lifelong commitment towards anti-war, anti-racism and environmental activism.”

Frances Crowe, a legendary peace activist, passed away in 2019. Marty actually knew Frances quite well. Thus, as she states “on several levels, (the award) is really quite meaningful to me.”

Marty has been tremendously active in many causes, particularly La Cliniquita and Climate Action. The Markham-Nathan Fund (MNF) was created in 2009 by Arky Markham, Marty, and friends. It was created to honor their deceased spouses George Markham and Dr. Mike Nathan. 

The latter “was one of five labor organizers shot and killed by neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members during a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina on Nov. 3, 1979, an event that later became known as the Greensboro Massacre.” 

Since our founding, the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice has distributed over $430,000 in grants. We have continued to meet (virtually) and work throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the Fall of 2020 we created and granted twenty COVID-19 Emergency Grants to assist social justice organizations in Western Massachusetts. 

In the Spring of 2021 we gave out ten of our regular biannual grants to support the work of social justice organizations. 

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