2022 Spring Grants

Out Now, Springfield
To sustain their unique program of support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ young people.

Compost Cooperative, Greenfield                                                                                                                                                          To support affordable housing for formerly incarcerated members, improving sustainability for the business.

Indian Orchard Citizens Council, Springfield                                                                                                                                       
To support the 6th Annual IOCC Food Truck Festival that brings together local talents and highlights social justice issues.

The Real Cost of Prisons, Northampton
Support for the concert, Tiyo’s Songs of Life, educating the public about the cruelty and waste of a sentence of life without parole.

Piti Theatre, Greenfield
To support a mentoring program for teens that enables them to create their own performances. Currently all of the teens we serve are part of the LGBTQ+ community and are from under-served communities in Franklin County.

The Decarcerate W. MA Bailout Project, Northampton
To support ort public education events and distribute materials about justice and pre-trial detention.

Resilient Community Arts, Easthampton
To help connect community organizers to the visual arts and give artists impactful ways to incorporate activism into their work.

Brew & Forge, Northampton
Supporting the attendance of local poets and organizers to a workshop in NY promoting the intersection between creative writing and movement building.

PHENOM (Public Higher Education Network of MA)
Recruit new students into our movement, train them on the fundamentals of grassroots community organizing to support the Debt Free Future Campaign to pass our bill H.1339/S.829, An Act to Guarantee Debt Free Public Higher Education.

Manos Unidas, Pittsfield
Funds for Hopeseed, a leadership development team we call our “navigators”, leaders that have developed through mentorship and who develop other leaders via peer mentorship. Hopeseed navigators support project development by being lead organizers on projects, ensuring the ethics of our work are maintained, and that people feel included and honored as they co-labor in creating equity for under-heard peoples.

Anti-imperialist Action Committee, Northampton
To support travel expenses for young organizers from W. MA to attend a May Day brigade event and build lasting connections between the global south and W. MA.

Coronavirus & the W. MA Community
Film distribution and Archiving of “This Was Our Year: COVID-19 Pandemic Stories from Hamden County”.

Pascommuck Conservation Trust, Easthampton
To connect Pascommuck Conservation Trust with Native American groups in the area, to improve access and leadership opportunities for Native Americans and to create a long term mechanism to directly benefit people of color in our communities.

2022 Fall Grants

LAVA Local Access to Valley Arts, Greenfield
Supporting indiVISIBLE: Celebrating Indispensable Agricultural Workers, Making Their Stories and Presence Visible. Photo documentation and oral histories of several individuals, raising awareness and understanding of these necessary parts of our local food industry.

Voices from Inside, Greenfield
To support creating a space where incarcerated women are able to have their stories and voices heard to inspire change and heal themselves and others around them.

Eggtooth Productions, Greenfield
To support the audio and video recording of “Secret to Life”: women’s voices merged with improvised music.

The Sojourner Truth School, Springfield
Stipends for trainers and workshop hosts, amplifying the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Western Mass. Code Pink, Greenfield
To support educational work and political action targeting the effect of the Military on climate destruction.

The Shoestring, Wendell
To support accessible, fair and accurate journalism in Western MA shedding light on conflicts or tensions, such as policing, municipal government, housing, education, labor, the environment, and culture.

Connecticut River Defenders, Northfield
To support public education events and distribute materials about the Northfield Pumped Storage Station, attempt meetings with regulatory agencies, and plan and carry out non-violent direct action.

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