The Sojourner Truth School for Social Change provides free classes to support seasoned and new activists in their efforts to build power and create systemic change in the face of daily threats to our democracy, to our civil, reproductive, and human rights, and to the health of our planet.  Classes cover a broad array of topics: anti-racism strategies to challenge white supremacy, reproductive rights, community control of police, cultural humility, our climate crisis and honoring the Earth, and tools for staying strong and engaged as activists in the struggle for a more just and equitable world. We provide classes on the arts as a way of supporting and energizing movement building. 

We are committed to amplifying the voices of BIPOC activists and trainers. All classes are taught by BIPOC leaders,  and we are working to support their leadership through shared learning, best practices and community building efforts.  

The support from the MNF grant goes directly to paying trainers to lead classes. All classes are free to participants in order to make our program accessible to anyone who wants to join.  We are here to help people think critically about the multiple challenges we face and to share that critical thinking with others. The funds from MNF help stabilize our program and secure our future.” Shelley