Brew & Forge is a collective experiment in mobilizing writers, artists, and organizers to help build sustainable movements. Founded in 2016, we draw our inspiration from Gloria Anzaldúa and Cherie Moraga’s assertion that “Change… requires both the alchemist and the welder, the magician and the laborer, the witch and the warrior, the myth-smasher and the myth-maker. Hand in Hand in hand, we brew and forge a revolution.” We are writers, artists, and movement workers who believe that radical social change requires a robust imagination. Through our annual book fair, biennial retreat, and other events, Brew & Forge brings artists and activists into lively conversation, leveraging the creative imagination to grow our movements.

The MNF grant is meant to support our biennial Witches & Warriors Retreat. It brings together six BIPOC poets and six BIPOC movement organizers together for three nights of workshops, discussions, and community building. Bringing in two faculty with expertise as poet-activists, the retreat facilitates deeper connections between organizing and the arts, while also providing. This grant will support our work in organizing the second Witches & Warriors Retreat: a space for BIPOC poets and organizers. Gathering twelve participants from across the Northeast in July 2024, the retreat will include discussions, writing workshops, a public reading, and mentorship from two faculty members (last year’s faculty were Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Cynthia Dewi Oka). The Witches & Warriors Retreat is part activist training, part movement visioning lab, and part writing workshop, in which participants write collaboratively with the intention of bringing poems and ideas back to their communities. Perhaps most importantly of all, the retreat will provide BIPOC cultural/movement workers with the rest and restorative joy necessary to continue the long fight for justice.

This funding will go toward staff stipends as we begin the long process of planning and fundraising for the 2024 retreat.The financial support we received last year was crucial to making our first Retreat possible; it was beautiful beyond our wildest dreams.” Brew & Forge