Out Now continues to work on a collaborative project with Harvard Law School called, Students Speak where we and Harvard Law students have been assisting youth from Out Now and around the state of MA in creating personal testimonies answering the question: What do you need in order to do well in school?  The testimonies are later offered to the website above, and youth will have opportunities to speak to their local legislators in an effort to center youth voices in setting educational policy.

We also are preparing to have a regular radio app program with Digital Boombox Network Pride (DBN Pride). DBN is a web-based radio station based in Springfield and the ‘Pride” part is an extension of the station that will feature LGBTQ+ people. We plan to have conversations about the history of Out Now, which began in 1995 as well as topics of importance to our youth such as: intersectionality, the back story of each of our community murals, among others!

Youth leadership is central to Out Now’s work. Our current leaders have been working on the creation a “Queer Futures Zine” (based on Octavia Butler’s “Black Futures”). Youth will write some individual parts and combine them into one cohesive Zine that we will later distribute throughout the community. Youth leaders are offered stipends for their work.

Finally, Out Now is preparing to do our third community mural; this time the mural will be placed on our own office headquarters building! We will work again with Common Wealth Murals, and this year we are collaborating with a photographer from Italy and a muralist from Spain. This work will begin in April as we will be exploring our mural theme and we will be working with the photographer and muralist beginning in August with a community paint party and reveal of the final product to occur in September of 2023.” Holly Richardson, Out Now