“Founded in February 2021, the Decarcerate Western Mass Bailout Project posts bail—without judgment with respect to charges—for individuals held in pretrial detention in the Hampshire and Franklin County jails. We are committed to decarceration as a means towards abolition and to ending cash bail as a means for detaining community members who cannot afford to secure their freedom.

Support from the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice will be used to further expand our offerings as a pretrial justice organization. We will do this in part through the creation of more robust re-entry kits for the people who we bail out, political education events, and the creation of a series of zines, in partnership with Sulis Studio in Florence, MA, that inform readers about the recent history of decarceration and abolition work in Western Mass, pretrial detention, the cash bail system, mass incarceration, and other related issues. Additional political education initiatives in progress are an inside-outside book club in partnership with Massive Bookshop and a film screening series. It is our goal to continue building grassroots support for our work and the causes and communities we champion and to form deeper relationships with other local abolitionist groups.” Maro Elliott, The Decarcerate Western Mass Bailout Project