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Historical Marker to Commemorate Greeensboro Massacre

On this day we remember that on May 24, 2015 a N.C. Highway Historical Marker was dedicated to commemorate the Greensboro Massacre. The marker can be found at the intersection of McConnell Road and Willow Road in Greensboro. On November 3, 1979 Community Workers Party...

Franklin County Standout for Racial Justice, May 25, 2022

Local groups plan Franklin County Standout for Racial Justice on 2nd anniversary of the murder of George Floyd Event: Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 4:30-5:30 pm “Black victims of police violence are not new, and George Floyd’s death has been followed by too many others....

Celebrating Marty,  October 1, 2022 in Florence, MA

Celebrating Marty, October 1, 2022 in Florence, MA

On October 1, 2022 at Bombyx in Florence, Massachusetts the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice will celebrate the life and work of our beloved Marty Nathan, MD. More details to follow. Marty Nathan, MD (1951-2021) Marty Nathan, MD was a physician residing in...

MNF Grant Limit Increase

During the spring of 2022 we decided to raise the maximum grant amount from $3,000 to $4,000. This was made possible through your generous contributions. Thank you. -Photo via Compost Co-operative

Massachusetts Senators remember Dr. Marty Nathan

On December 20, 2021 Senator Jo Comerford and her Senate colleagues (Senators Gobi, Gomez, Hinds, Lesser, and Velis) adjourned the Massachusetts Senate in Marty’s memory.