Dear Friends,

We need your help. Since our founding in 2009, the Markham-Nathan for Social Justice has tirelessly worked to support grassroots organizations in Western Massachusetts. Can you continue to support our work for social change in our community?

As many of you know, two of our beloved founders, Marty Nathan and Arky Markham, have passed. We miss them dearly and our love for them only motivates and enriches our work. We do this work out of love because, like Marty and Arky, we believe a better world is possible.

All year, we connect, support, and reach out to grantees. In 2022, the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice granted $56,800 to 20 small, local organizations fighting for social justice. Our aim is to make it possible for our donors to be a part of this work. As expressed by one of our donors:
“Thank you for all your good work and for making it easy for us to provide support to local, progressive causes.”

We regularly support organizations that work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, including Voices from the Inside, Compost Cooperative and The Real Cost of Prisons Project. “The Markham-Nathan Fund knows their grant recipients don’t have development staff and so there are few hurdles to jump over. The MNF appreciates that a grant for $4000 or even less can make a big difference to a small organization because it does.” (Lois Ahrens founder of The Real Cost of Prisons Project)

We are also long-term supporters of Out Now, still Springfield’s only queer youth organization. “[We] are honored to be funded by the Markham-Nathan Fund for Justice. There are not many foundations like this who truly understand how important it is to offer support toward the development of emerging radical queer youth leaders within an organization that is not simply offering service provision, but rather engaging in personal and collective liberation work.” (Holly Richardson, Out Now)

Every year we’re delighted to be approached by newly formed organizations, like the Connecticut River Defenders, who are mobilizing to educate the public about the ill effects of the Northfield Pumped Storage Station, and organizations applying for the first time, like Brew & Forge, who offer workshops on the intersection between creative writing and movement building. We support arts organizations that expose oppression and explore new avenues for liberation. “The Markham-NathanFund for Social Justice is unique in our region, as their board understands the ways that social justice causes may be furthered through local actions and organizations. They are in touch with the local community as well as the wider world and are one of the few consistent sources of support for helping to create and sustain a fair and equal society in which all are valued and affirmed. The Markham-Nathan Fund is a blessing.” (Linda McInerney, Artistic Director, Eggtooth Productions)

We’re asking you to be part of our work. Like our grantees, we believe a better world is possible. Will you help us make this happen? Please donate now.

In solidarity,
The Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice Board
Heather Abel, Hector Figarella, Elliot Fratkin, Jim Levey, Sabine Merz, Mary Siano, Gary Tartakov, Jon Weissman